The company created by Enrico Amodio and then handed down to his sons Francesco and Giuseppe uses craftsmanship following canons and ancient traditions that derive from their origins as producers of

Milk and dairy products, in fact, the cheese business of the Amodio family dates back to the times of the First World War when his grandfather Francesco Amodio left the lactate mountains of the Sorrento peninsula to transplant his family and his cheese factory in the Vesuviano area (Sant ‘Anastasia) closer to the city of Naples where it sold its products.

Today the experience, the passion, the professionalism of the Amodio family handed down from “4” generations is assisted by modern technologies and state-of-the-art systems and are blended with increasing attention to the new demands of a constantly evolving market.

Like our “Frozen” product line, thanks to the new freezing lines we can offer our products with a shelf life of one year guaranteeing the same quality of the fresh product.

Latteria Vesuviana

Made In Italy

Excellent Made In Italy

True Masterpieces

It’s nice to sit at the table and feel surrounded by the people you love, eat a bite and feel the sincere smell of things done as long ago. Every single product has been designed and created following the precepts of things done well, taking care of the details, going to the bottom to correct mistakes and make improvements.

Our Philosophy

A tradition that is three generazione long

Original Traditions

… a tradition, that of dairy art that has been handed down from different generations and that today is made simpler thanks to new technologies and plants more and more avant-garde but the passion and the desire to improve is always the same of many years ago.






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